Bills make all kinds of chronicles in 47-17 wild-card thrashing of Patriots

There are times following your submission to the arena and you just profit your butts kicked from putting into action to finish. That’s what happened, rather uncharacteristically, to Bill Belichicks Patriots in their wild-card loss to the Bills not far afield off from Saturday night. The 47-17 quantity didn’t really represent the full extent of the one-sided thrashing, but the unpresented flora and fauna of the whomping, and the historical flora and fauna of it, tell the larger financial credit.

Bill Belichick has been the Patriots head coach by now 2000, and there were all kinds of things that happened to Belichick’s team approaching this night that had never happened to a Belichick team into the fore.

No team had ever scored touchdowns regarding their first four drives closely any Pats team coached by Belichick, but the Bills did, and they extended that into the second half, once touchdowns upon their first three drives. The Bills became the first team in the Super Bowl period to score touchdowns upon each of their first five drives in the postseason.

Josh Allen completed 21 of 25 passes for 308 yards, five touchdowns, and no interceptions, making him allocation of every little action of quarterbacks who threw more touchdowns than incompletions in a playoff game. Tom Brady did it to the side of the Jaguars in the 2017 playoffs, Kurt Warner did it adjoining the Packers in the 2009 Playoffs, and Peyton Manning did it adjoining the Broncos in the 2003 playoffs.

Want more? The Bills became the first team as soon as no punts and no turnovers in a playoff game by now the Colts did it in 2004.

Buffalos’ 19 first downs in the first half were moreover the most collective adjoining a Belichick Patriots team (they had 29 sums).

Allen’s five passing touchdowns were the most in the Bills’ postseason chronicles, and this was the 10th epoch in postseason archives that a quarterback threw for behind more than 300 yards and at least five touchdowns.

The 47 points Buffalo scored were furthermore the most ever adjoining a Belichick Patriots gloss, anew the 42 the Chiefs put going on in the 2017 season opener. The 24-improvement halftime deficit was moreover unpresented.

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